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Why cite us? What your citation means for our project: 

The QUBES Hub infrastructure is funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation and provides access to a vast array of resources at no charge to the QUBES Hub user community. One of the ways we illustrate impact of our project is through an intensive process of collecting and vetting a list of citations to QUBES Hub resources and presenting these citations on our site, along with a variety of analytics concerning these citations.

What this means to you as an author: 

Having your publications included in QUBES Hub both in our main citations list as well as directly available on the resource page provides more opportunities for people doing similar work to find and cite your papers, increasing your h-index and impact factor. It is also a way to give back to the QUBES Hub site and community and increase the visibility of our resources.

Citing a Specific Resource: 

If you utilize a particular QUBES Hub resource in your research, please cite that resource directly, using the format provided on the resource page under "Cite this work."  QUBES Hub tools include DOIs for their citation. If you need a paper for a reference, please contact the resource authors and they may be able to provide an appropriate paper to cite. To help us find your publications and include them as part of the collection of works using QUBES Hub, please make sure QUBES Hub is mentioned somewhere in the text and provide the name of the simulation tool used within the text of the publication.

Citing the website: 

If you are referring to QUBES Hub in general in a publication, please include a link to the website in your text or references.