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QUBES Ambassadors

Are you interested in sharing what you learned in your QUBES FMN with a wider audience? Are you interested in spreading the word about QUBES to new possible participants? Apply to be a QUBES Ambassador!

QUBES Ambassadors are an integral part of promoting professional development opportunities available through QUBES to new audiences. As a QUBES Ambassador, you will present and share information on the Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) in which you participated. In doing so, you will recruit colleagues to participate in an FMN and/or the QUBES community as a whole, ensure the continued enhancement of their own teaching practices, and share the resources you have created during your FMN.

The QUBES Ambassadors program represents formal recognition of your service within the QUBES community and in addition to receiving funding to assist in extending the reach of QUBES, this award may be listed on your CV or tenure and promotion documentations.


There are many ways that you can pursue a QUBES Ambassadorship. Here are a few examples, though these are not the only options.

Ambassadors may apply to receive small mini-grants to support registration fees up to $250 to:

  • Present at a discipline-specific conference (ESA, BSA, SVP, ASBMB)
  • Present at an education conference (NABT, local science teacher conference)

Other possible options for QUBES Ambassadors:

  • Present a local workshop for colleagues
  • Present a local workshop for postdoctoral researchers and graduate students
  • Present a local workshop for K-12 teachers
  • Help defer costs of publications

Have another idea? For any questions or for more information, Contact QUBES!

Contact Us

The QUBES Ambassadors program provides funding for conference registration support, publications, workshops and other dissemination projects. Applications for the conference registration support are evaluated three times a year on January 30, March 30, and September 30 by the QUBES staff and mentors. We encourage you to talk with a QUBES staff member before applying for support.

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