How to edit videos quickly

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Naked Egg Presentation at Jesse Wharton Elementary School

Naked Egg presented to 5th grade science classes at Jesse Wharton Elementary School (JWES) in Greensboro, NC by Tonya Gerald-Goins.

"The students learned a lot and it was directly aligned with our Common Core standards for 5th grade Science." Mrs. Yorel Lofters, 5th Grade Teacher, JWES

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This module guides students through tests of two fundamental rules of island biogeography using specimens collected from the Alexander Archipelago in Southeastern Alaska. The module was designed for use in the Ecology and Evolution (BIOL 203) course at the University of New Mexico.

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Shelby Loberg onto Ecology

June 2017

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Beyond Measure Ministries STEM Camp (Haw River, NC)

August 2017

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Beanbag Biology

For those who are interested. Here are the slides from the Beanbag Biology workshop from Monday. Please contact Holly Gaff for any questions: or

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GAIMME report

Mentioned in the models and modeling workshop

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Teaching Differential Equation Modeling to Biology Freshmen

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Biology Student Math Attitudes and Anxiety Program (BIOMAAP)

Visit our website to download the BIOMAAP materials presented at our workshop.  You can also sign up for our monthly email newsletter to find out about upcoming workshops, faculty mentoring networks, and new BIOMAAP materials.

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Invitation to Modeling Workshop Overview Slides

These slides have an overview of what was discussed in the Invitation to Modeling Workshop, with links to resources embedded in presentation and listed below.

Invitation to Modeling draft paper

Rule of Five paper

Lactase persistence paper

Evolutionary forces with HWE

Evolutionary forces with HWE

PopGen software

Resource-limited growth

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Data Science in the Undergraduate Biology Classroom using R

Slides takes you to the HTML presentation.  Many, if not all, images are clickable.


Slides on GitHub

DataCamp Group (FREE)

QUBES Software

Jupyter Notebooks



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Rule of Five slides for Evolution 2017 workshop (Highlander)

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An Invitation to Modeling: Resource-Limited Population Growth Activity

Most students have seen an exponential model for population growth and know that it predicts unlimited growth. Better models, such as the logistic growth model, should incorporate assumptions to account for limitation of resources. In this activity, participants collect data from a physical simulation of resource-limited growth, prepare a variety of graphs to visualize the data, construct a verbal model based on their observations and the graphs, and (for those who want to go this far) construct a symbolic model from the verbal model.

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To the Double Helix and Beyond: Exploring DNA Structure and Function in 3D

Presentation describing how the Double Helical model of DNA was determined and how it has helped us understand various biological processes and also design new molecules.

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UCSF Chimera Tutorials

A collections of Video tutorials for using UCSF Chimera for:

1: Loading PDB coordinates into the software, manipulating the structure in 3D, and saving session.

2: Menus

3: Selecting parts of a protein structure

4: Analyzing and exploring a protein structure

5: Comparing the structures of two related proteins/domains and visualizing the superposed structures of these proteins/domains.


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Visualization exercise

This file guides you to use UCSF Chimera to explore the structures of substrate-DNA and product-DNA bound complexes with a restriction enzyme.

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Prepare your computer

Instructions for preparing your computer for visualizing and exploring structures from the Protein Data Bank

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Evolution in Action: Using Models to Explore the Molecular Basis of Insecticide Resistance

The central theme of this workshop is exploring the molecular basis of insecticide resistance in a case study approach that enforces a conceptual understanding of a variety of topics in the context of preventing the spread of Zika virus. The interactive models used in this workshop can be borrowed from the MSOE Model Lending Library or purchased from 3D Molecular Designs. I've included "briefs" that describe activities associated with a wide range of models that lay the conceptual foundation for the case study, as well as case study files (which are numbered). More information about using various models can be found at the 3D Molecular Designs website under Teaching Resources.

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Avida-ED resources

Materials include:
Avida-ED Lab Book; Homepage; Direct program link; YouTube intro video; Evolution Education and Outreach journal article on this curriculum; and a shortened link to a Google Drive repository containing Google Docs versions of the Introduction, Exercises 1-4, the Independent Research assignment and other activities/resources.

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Markdown overview and guide

Markdown workflow in R (PDF)

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Markdown Cheatsheet

A quick reference guide to markdown. 

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