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Timothy John Beaulieu created this post

Presentation Description

Journal Article Presentation for the final project in Calc. I of Dr. Carrie Diaz Eaton's syllabus:

Journal Article Presentation

Calculus I

1) The last day of class will be a Q&A review.  Presentations will be the full week prior.


2)  Use the Unity College library online resources to find a current primary literature article in a peer-reviewed journal that is related to the current class discussion on mathematical techniques and related to your field of interest by Friday, two weeks before your presentation.  Let me know your interests, and I will pick one for you if your article does not meet the criteria.


3) You/your group must meet with me at least one week in advance of presenting to discuss your article choice.  Make an appt when you submit your article.


3)  When reading the article, try to think about the following questions:

  • The issue being explored

  • The benefits and limitations of the mathematics presented

  • The type of mathematics, and how it relates to class discussion

  • What the model means

  • The major results of the article

  • The contribution of the article to its area


4) You are to prepare a 5 minute brief Powerpoint review of the article with the questions above in mind, explaining it to your classmates.  


6) The original .pdf of the article (not the link!), the presentation must be uploaded to CAMS by the day before the presentation.  


Grading Rubric for Presentation:

E-mailing me article on time, meeting with me during week specified    10 pts

Connection of Article to Class Mathematics, Model Explanation    20 pts

Discussion of Major Results in Context – Benefits and Limitations    10 pts

Overall Presentation Quality:                        10 pts

Total                                    50 pts

Let me know if you need any help or have questions!

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