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Jeremy M Wojdak created this post

The original ODD protocol paper

Grimm V, Berger U, Bastiansen F, Eliassen S, Ginot V, Giske J, Goss-Custard J, Grand T, Heinz S, Huse G, Huth A, Jepsen JU, Jørgensen C, Mooij WM, Müller B, Pe’er G, Piou C, Railsback SF, Robbins AM, Robbins MM, Rossmanith E, Rüger N, Strand E, Souissi S, Stillman RA, Vabø R, Visser U, DeAngelis DL. 2006. A standard protocol for describing individual-based and agent-based modelsEcological Modelling 198:115-126.

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The ODD protocol, original papers, official revisions...

This collection is for the canonical ODD papers, revisions, templates. 

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Jeremy M Wojdak