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Investigating Evidence for Climate Change (Project EDDIE)

This multi-part activity allows students to discover the relationships between CO2 and temperature and how these variables have changed over time using real-world data.

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Marguerite Mauritz onto Ecosystem Ecology

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    Marguerite Mauritz

    I used this module in my upper division ecosystem ecology class and I thought it was awesome! I re-wrote the activity to run in R and I used the most updated CO2 records from Mauna Loa to demonstrate that this data is available in almost realtime. I also included the Mauna Loa C13 record to end the activity with questions about direct evidence for rising CO2 being linked to fossil fuel burning. Happy to share the R adaptation with anyone who is interested. 

Ecosystem Ecology

Qubeshub resources used for Ecosystem Ecology class BIOL 4466/5301

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Marguerite Mauritz