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More In Depth Spreadsheet Management Adaptation of Data Management using NEON Small Mammal Data

This adaptation consists of three exercises that introduce students to 1) format spreadsheet data tables, 2) carry out spreadsheet quality control, and 3) count/sort/filter data of interest in order to conduct a pilot analysis on NEON small mammal data.

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Marguerite Mauritz onto Ecosystem Ecology

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    Marguerite Mauritz

    I used this module and the original that it was adapted from in my upper division ecosystem ecology class this semester. I thought it was really great and ended up being very relevant when students did labs with their own data and had to format their excel sheets using principles outlined here. 

    I re-wrote the activity to be run in R and instead of calculating population size with mark-recapture equations we simply graphed the seasonal abundance of unique individual captures during each sampling bout using the NEON data provided in the original version that this module was adapted from. 

    I would love to share the R-script template with anyone who is interested. 

Ecosystem Ecology

Qubeshub resources used for Ecosystem Ecology class BIOL 4466/5301

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Marguerite Mauritz