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Sam S Donovan created this post

Phenology Trends and Climate Change in Minnesota

The curriculum module “Phenology Trends and Climate Change in Minnesota” was developed by Pamela Freeman and is published as part of Project Eddie.

Summary: Seasonal events, for example flowering, fruiting, and the return of migrating birds, happen at particular times of the year. Some of these events happen in relation to climate, while others are dependent on other factors. Phenology is the study of these repeating events in the lifecycle of organisms. As the climate changes, the timing of some events may change in some species. This exercise will help students evaluate how climate change has already affected species in Minnesota.

Discuss this curriculum module here. You will need to be logged in to view the discussion.

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CREEDS Workshop Curriculum Modules

This is a collection of the modules that we will be discussing during the CREEDS workshop. You can use this discussion space to share questions / comments / and ideas about the modules.

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Sam S Donovan