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Loyola University Maryland BL322 course

This is a syllabus for a full semester Synthetic Biology course. It includes a lab that meets once a week for 4 hours. In one version of the course we performed synthesis of RFP and yeast Scramble and in another we performed RFP synthesis and phage synthesis. 

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Stevenson University Molecular Genetics Syllabus Spring 2017

This is a syllabus where Build-a-Phage was implemented in the laboratory portion of a semester-long elective course for majors. 

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BAG module integrated into Molec Biol

I integrated a BAG module (using the methods to assemble certain genes) into a "standard" Molec Biol course.

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Colorado State University - Pueblo Population Genetics

An ethics case study is included in the course material.

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Intro to Synthetic Biology

This course is for first year students and is intended to teach them how to think like a scientist and get them excited about biology. By no means is it a comprehensive Synthetic Biology course; rather, students explore basic molecular biology in the first third of the course, work through actual synthetic biology research in the second third, and apply their knowledge of this field to ethical issues in the last third.

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