Build-a-Genome Opportunities and 2020 Workshop!

  1. Lisa Scheifele

    Hello members of the Build-a-Genome Network,

    I hope that everyone has had a good start to summer, has had a chance to breathe after the craziness of spring, and is not overly burdened with developing plans and scenarios for the fall (I know that most of us are!) Most of all, I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. A few BAG updates are included below:

    1. I’m delighted to announce that we are hosting this year’s Build-a-Genome network in a virtual format from July 27th-31st from 1-4 pm ET. More information is available at the BAG website: A copy of the application is attached, and we would greatly appreciate if you could distribute through your networks and pass along to people you think might be interested. For those of you who have not attended a previous workshop, we hope that you apply and that this virtual format will make it easier for you to attend. Given the format, previous attendees are also welcome to attend if you’d like to revisit some of the talks, material, and resources. A more detailed agenda is available at:


    1. As you know, ethical issues are integral to the field of synthetic biology and provide a wonderful teaching opportunity. As part of the BAG project, we are developing a case study/teaching module on ethics in synthetic biology. We welcome participation from any members of the network. Please let me ( or Fran Sandmeier ( if you are interested in joining this effort.


    1. Our annual report to the NSF is due soon. If you have implemented any of the materials from Build-a-Genome with your students (either in a classroom or research setting), could you please send a brief description to Lisa ( Thanks very much, our continued funding is dependent on these reports.


    1. Finally, please remember that we do have funds for DNA (oligos and gene fragments) and sequencing for projects related to BAG. We will send more information soon about collaborative projects that you and your students may join, but given the fact that many of our labs will likely be occurring virtually in the fall, bioinformatics activities (design of genes and genomes, analysis of sequencing data) are ideal activities with students. We’d be happy to help and discuss possibilities.


    Thank you all (please help distribute the attached BAG workshop application!) and have a wonderful, relaxing summer!


    Best regards,

    Lisa Scheifele, Loyola University Maryland

    Robert Newman, NC A&T University

    Eric Cooper, Hartwick College

    Fran Sandmeier, CSU-Pueblo



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