2021 Workshop Program

        All times are in Eastern time zone


Monday August 2

1:00-1:10 PM     Welcome and Overview

1:10-2:00            Introduction to Synthetic Biology

                Dr. Robert Newman, NC A&T University

2:00-2:45          Introduction to Build-a-Genome 

              Dr. Eric Cooper, Hartwick College

2:55-3:15           Introductions

3:15-4:00           Introduction to the Three BAG Workflows

             Dr. Lisa Scheifele, Loyola University Maryland


Tuesday August 3

1:00-2:00 PM     The Future of Synthetic Biology   

            Dr. Jef Boeke, Institute for Systems Genetics, NYU Langone School of Medicine 

2:00-3:00            Neochromosomes: Construction and Applications

           Dr. Leslie Mitchell, NYU Langone School of Medicine and Neochromosome, Inc.

3:00-3:30            Condensing synthetic chromosomes into a single strain

            Dr. Stephanie Lauer, NYU   

3:30-4:00            The Scramble system

            Dr. Lisa Scheifele, Loyola University Maryland


Wednesday August 4

1:00-2:00 PM      Challenges and Perspectives on using Bacteriophages in Animal and Human Health

             Matthew Tebeau, COO, Proteon Pharmaceuticals

2:00-3:00             Introduction to DNA sequencing            

            Dr. Vince Buonaccorsi, Juniata College

3:00-4:00             Bioinformatics: Synthesizing and Verifying Genomes

           Dr. Lisa Scheifele, Loyola University Maryland


Thursday August 5

1:00-2:15            Working session: How to incorporate BAG into your class

2:15-3:00            Assessment of Student Learning

            Dr. Kelsie Bernot, North Carolina A&T University

3:00-4:00            Teaching students about ethical issues in synthetic biology

         Dr. Fran Sandmeier, Colorado State University-Pueblo