Answer Checking

Answer Checking


Checking your answers is an essential part of science, and yet many students skip this step, perhaps out of relief that the math is over. As scientists, often our habits of checking whether answers make sense are so ingrained that we don’t even realize the strategies we use automatically. This activity provides students with a set of strategies they can use to check their own answers in their biology and other courses. Students practice the answer checking strategies on a series of simple examples.


This module goes well with the “Value of mistakes” module, and the Powerpoint in-class version combines those two activities. In our experience, many students require a great deal of practice on this topic, and if it is introduced early in the course, it can be reinforced throughout the semester. For example, students can use the answer checking strategies to look for errors in their data entry in course lab exercises.

Image Source: Anthony Dove - collaborator

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