Figure of the Day

Intro to BIOMAAP


By presenting graphs with all labels removed, Figure of the Day helps students engage in graph interpretation by turning it into a puzzle. Students use their number sense to make observations and come up with reasonable guesses or explanations for the patterns shown. Figure of the Day can also help students learn to enjoy the experience of tackling a very challenging (or even impossible!) problem by providing repeated daily practice.


Each figure is presented as a pair of slides, the first with all axis labels and legends removed, and the second as the original figure. Students are asked to make observations about the unlabeled version and guess what pattern is represented. Figures are roughly ordered by difficulty, and are intended to be incorporated one at a time into different class meetings over the course of the semester. The notes section for each figure gives the instructor some ideas for potential student responses or interesting features of the graphs. Also see our collection of community-contributed Figures of the Day on various biology and quantitative themes, or contribute your own!

This module includes:

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