Intro to BIOMAAP - Student Math Anxiety Overview (1 hour)

Intro to BIOMAAP


This presentation is intended as a stand alone 45 minutes-1 hour presentation to give students general information on math anxiety and a few strategies to try on their own. This can be used for an event or seminar in which students have no further exposure to BIOMAAP activities. If you plan on using BIOMAAP activities in your course, we recommend starting with the “Introduction to BIOMAAP” presentation instead. The presentation introduces the idea of math anxiety, and presents some of the research and strategies in BIOMAAP, with examples drawn from the “Introduction to Growth Mindset,” “Answer checking,” “Value of Mistakes,” and “Reflective writing” modules.


If you do end up sharing this presentation with your department or other colleagues, we would love to hear from you!

This module includes:

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