Intro to BIOMAAP - Faculty Math Anxiety Overview (1 hour)

Intro to BIOMAAP


This presentation is intended as a stand alone 45 minute-1 hour presentation to introduce faculty or other instructors to the idea of math anxiety and some strategies they can use in their own courses. This could be used to share the ideas with your department or at a faculty development event at your institution. Much of the content overlaps with the student math anxiety overview, but additional emphasis is placed on the educational research in the faculty version. In addition, part of the presentation is dedicated to general strategies for creating a course environment that encourages growth mindset. As in the student overview, examples are drawn from the “Introduction to Growth Mindset,” “Answer checking,” “Value of Mistakes,” and “Reflective writing” modules.


If you do end up sharing this presentation with your department or other colleagues, we would love to hear from you!

This module includes:

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