Intro to BIOMAAP

Introductory mathematics courses are a key roadblock for many students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Since student attitudes toward mathematics are strongly correlated with their performance, the goal of the current work is the development and study of strategies that reduce student resistance to mathematics.

The approaches, which include biofeedback and metacognitive reflection, are readily adoptable and actively engage students in reducing their own mathematics anxiety and improving their attitude toward mathematics.

We have 3 introduction modules for BIOMAAP. A short 15-20 minute in-class presentation for students, a longer 45-60 minute stand alone student presentation, and a stand alone 45-60 minute faculty introduction. We also have an assessment module that can be used at any point to evalute math anxiety levels of students.

* Our resources are currently in draft form. If you notice any mistakes or have any feedback, please contact us!