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  1. Carrie Diaz Eaton

    Hi all - there is fake text at the bottom of our BUILDS page - what do we want on there? How would you define an open education community?

    Here's a start:

    "An open education community is a network of people that freely share teaching resources, ideas, and practices to improve education for all."

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  2. Karen Cangialosi

    I think that how we define "open education community" depends on how much you want to be in alignment with the definitions of open education that others in that broader community use. On Aug 1, I drafted something under the 'about us' discussion thread. (I admit that I sometimes have a hard time following what discussions are happening where).  But I am copying what I wrote here:

    We are a community for the exchange of ideas and resources supporting biological and environmental data science education, grounded in practices of universal design for learning and inclusive pedagogy. As part of our commitment to accessible, affordable student-driven education that connects learners to a larger world outside of their classrooms, and inspires them to be transformative; we promote the creation and use of Open Educational Resources (openly licensed learning materials), and the incorporation of Open Pedagogy and Open Science into our teaching practices.

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  3. Carrie Diaz Eaton

    Thanks for finding it! That was really my problem too, once we migrated from the EDSIN project space. Thanks, Karen! If anyone else wants changes, LMK. I like Karen's wording, so I was thinking to just edit the page to reflect that. On Sat, Sep 28, 2019, 3:21 PM Karen Cangialosi @ QUBES wrote: ---- Emailed forum response from mathprofcarrie@gmail.com

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