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Goals and Aspirations

Mission Statement

The CC Bio INSITES network is designed to support Community College Biology Instructors as they engage in Biology Education Research at Community Colleges (CC BER). CC Bio INSITES recognizes the exceptional opportunities associated with doing biology education research at community colleges and the unique strengths of CC instructors as BER investigators. Indeed, CC Bio INSITES leadership believes that its members, including full- and part-time faculty, veteran and new instructors, and graduate students interested in pursuing positions at community colleges, are its most valuable asset. As such, this network seeks to empower its members by providing social, resource, and intellectual support for BER projects with the ultimate goal of increasing representation of CC studies in the BER literature. 

Overarching Goals

Considering the CC Bio INSITES mission, the network has 3 overarching goals:

  1. Increase the number of CC faculty who are well supported to conduct BER and who are engaged in BER.
  2. Increase production and dissemination of CC BER studies through venues such as conferences and publications. 
  3. Broaden awareness of the greater BER community about the importance of CC BER. 

While these goals are the primary responsibilities of the CC Bio INSITES leadership, they will be accomplished through the highly collaborative actions of the network as a whole and individual members will contribute to network success. As such, individual network members are encouraged to set and strive for the goals below.