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Hello!  This group is not currently active.  However, if you have found this group in search of help for your QUBES Partner Project, please visit the QUBES Support Community for Partner Projects, which is a place where new and existing Partners can learn how to get the most out of the QUBES infrastructure.


Visit the QUBES Support Community for Partner Projects

Also, feel free to contact Elia Crisucci with questions.


This is a workspace for the folks who are interested in using QUBESHub resources to build community around their projects.

Click the "Join" button to become part of the group - that way you will get updates about meetings and resources. You need to have a QUBESHub account to join. 

Feel free to look around. 

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This group is for people interested in building community within the QUBES ecosystem.  This includes people interested in creating, maintaining, and moderating a QUBES Group.