New Lesson Article and Upcoming Webinar!

Webinar: NextGen Sequencing Analysis with Emojis and CyVerseJust published today! Dr. Ray Enke from James Madison University along with mutli-institutional colleagues have a new CourseSoruce Lesson article out called "A Fun Introductory Command Line Lesson: Next Generation Sequencing Quality Analysis with Emoji!" They developed and integrated a fun introductory level lesson to command line next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis into a large enrollment core biology course.

And great timing, too! On April 30, Dr. Enke is hosting a webinar called "NextGen Sequencing Analysis with Emojis and CyVerse!" Students and educators interested in learning and teaching aspects of NextGen Sequencing (NGS) analysis are invited to register for this fun demonstration of a classroom-tested app that is effective in teaching novice students some core elements of NGS Quality Control (QC) analysis. 

To find out more about this exciting webinar and to register, visit