How do we do searches for articles?

  1. Robin Wright

    I'm wondering where the search function is for finding articles.  I'd like to look up articles about mitochondria, for example, but can't figure out where to do so.

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  2. Jayme Dyer

    On the bar at the top of the CourseSource webpage, click on "Browse" then type in your topic. See my screenshot, attached.


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  3. Robin Wright

    Thanks, Jaime - is there a way to make the label say Search instead of Browse? I think search is way more important. Or search/browse? Robin ---- Emailed forum response from

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  4. Drew LaMar

    Great feedback, Robin! I'll bring it as a topic of conversation to the next design/development meeting.

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  5. Carlos C. Goller

    Oh great point! It would be useful to have a search option/field on the top menu near Contact with an option for more advanced searches. 

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