Yolanda Cruz

Oberlin College

Course Editors


Developmental Biology

Editor Degrees

  • B.S. and M.S., University of the Philippines
  • Ph.D., University of California Berkeley

About Teaching and CourseSource

In my 33 years at Oberlin College, I have taught at all levels of the biology curriculum, including general biology, cell biology, developmental biology, epigenetics and bioethics. I have also personally trained over 140 undergraduates in research, some of whom have been my co-authors on peer-reviewed publications. My goal is to teach the subject matter, but also to teach students how to train themselves to learn.  I emphasize organization and context while being mindful of how different students learn and what techniques work best both inside and outside of contact hours, in the classroom or in the lab.  The best part of teaching is that it has allowed me to be a learner for life.

During the initial planning efforts that eventually produced Course Source, I was pleased to be one of the representatives from the Society for Developmental Biology.  I see Course Source then and now as a venue for archiving important learning resources for teachers of biological science as well as for recognizing the efforts of teachers who clearly find intellectual fulfillment and dare I say, joy, in what they and their students do.