Jennifer Hood-DeGrenier

Worcester State University

Course Editors


Cell Biology

Editor Degrees

  • Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology from Harvard University
  • B.A. in Chemistry (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology concentration) from Williams College

About Teaching and CourseSource

Although I began my academic journey in Chemistry, my research interests and experience place me firmly in the realm of Cell Biology. I have taught courses to all levels of undergraduate students (and some master's students) across the breadth of cell biology, including Introductory Cell and Molecular Biology, Cellular Physiology, Genetics, Biochemical Regulatory Mechanisms, Cancer Biology and Advanced Molecular Biology. My first goal in teaching is to get students excited about what they are learning. Cells and the molecules that make them are amazing things! I also want to equip them with the tools to gain new knowledge themselves, whether through searching the literature or conducting their own experiments. Finally, I want to help students become comfortable with not knowing the answer right away, but to have the confidence, patience, and perseverance to figure it out, often working collaboratively with their peers, with me as a facilitator rather than a leader.

Whenever I have the opportunity to talk about teaching with colleagues, I always learn something useful that I can apply in my own teaching. CourseSource provides a way to interact with a much larger group of colleagues and to pool our collective knowledge about what teaching methods work best. I am excited to be involved in disseminating this valuable resource to promote best practices in teaching to a wide audience in an open-access format.