Joe Dauer

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Course Editors



Editor Degrees

Ph.D. in biology, Penn State

M.S. in biology, Penn State

B.S. in biology and matehematics, Western Washington University

About Teaching and CourseSource

In my career, I have primarily taught at the introductory level, with a few upper-division applied courses sprinkled in. Every semester is new and different with a wide diversity of background knowledge and experiences that can be harnessed during the course. I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out how to create opportunities in class for all of those students to move towards their goals. I strive to help students make connections, to their own experiences and to the course material, so they can situate the content in the bigger picture. It is important to me that students learn that they will be responsible for their learning.

Many instructors seek resources for ways to engage students, myself included. I rely on those instructors who have come before me and decided to publish their work. I see CourseSource as a community of contributors and users that needs to be supported through contributions of ideas, time, and due diligence and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this community and improve pedagogy and learning.