Tracie Marcella Addy

Lafayette College

Course Editors


Professional Development and Career Planning
Science Process Skills

Editor Degrees

  • Ph.D. in Science Education, North Carolina State University
  • M.Phil. in Experimental Biology, Yale University
  • B.S. in Biology with Distinction, Duke University

About Teaching and CourseSource

As a faculty member who taught introductory level science courses and is now a full-time educator developer who partners with instructors across disciplines, I deeply value teaching excellence. I previously served as a co-director for the Summer Institutes of Scientific Teaching, a national initiative providing evidence-based professional development for instructors, and am an advocate of implementing active learning, inclusive teaching and formative assessment. I view the classroom as a dynamic environment that engages students in the process of learning and challenges them to reach their full potential. In my own teaching I have used a variety of active learning tools including case studies, the latter of which I also write and publish, to support student application of knowledge, and generate excitement for learning. In general, as an educator developer, I view the implementation of research-supported teaching practices as integral to higher education.

CourseSource provides instructors with resources that they can use in their courses to enhance learning. Lessons are supported by evidence, and address a diverse array of concepts and skills within biology education. In many ways CourseSource is a treasure chest for biology instructors.