Carrie Diaz Eaton

Bates College

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Science Process Skills

Editor Degrees

  • Ph.D in Mathematics, University of Tennessee
  • M.A. in Mathematics, University of Maine
  • B.A. in Mathematics, University of Maine

About Teaching and CourseSource

I am an Associate Professor of Digital and Computational Studies at Bates College. I teach introductory programming for science and math majors, introductory statistics, programming, and information literacy for all majors, computational modeling courses, and courses which explore digital ethics or the use of digital tools in education and social justice. My background is as a computational biologist, working in the areas of community coevolution, disease modeling, and computational neuroscience.

I enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of science and enjoy helping students experience how computation and mathematics can be tools to gain insights in any field. I have also been intentional in to incorporate elements that rehumanize the STEM classroom. Submitting to CourseSource is a great way to formally publish great classwork innovation, and to have others find and use that work in their classrooms.