Welcome to DryadLab!!

Welcome to DryadLab!


Welcome to our DryadLab partner page and blog! If you are interested in using hands-on, data driven modules in the classroom, you have come to the right place. Before I jump in and tell you about what we hope to achieve with this blog, let me back up and tell you what we are.


Dryadlab is a collection of free, openly-licensed, high quality educational modules designed to engage students in scientific inquiry using real data. We are a project of the Dryad Digital Repository, which makes a wide variety of research data underlying scientific and medical publications discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. We have teamed up with the Quantative Undergraduate Biology Education Synthesis (QUBES) project to field test our modules, and to create a space for faculty members to share expertise and experiences as they encourage their students to work with authentic data in the classroom. We have a incredible group of faculty members working with us, and hope you will consider joining our broader conversation.


Our blog will serve as a collaborative space, a place where faculty members can share ideas, resources, and experiences with one another as they fearlessly challenge their students to push themselves to engage in scientific inquiry, using messy real data. We hope you will check back often. 


You can find out more about DryadLab by visiting our website at