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  • Created 16 Apr 2015

Dates: January 25 - April 4, 2016

Group Description: In this network, participants will develop a plan for integrating data-rich, interactive modules into their biology classes. DryadLab is an educational extension of the Dryad Digital Repository, a database that contains freely available research data from thousands of published scientific papers.The goal is to increase faculty awareness of how authentic research data can be used to build student interest in and understanding of data analysis and interpretation skills.


3 DryadLab modules are available - a 4th module (The Beetle Affair) is coming soon!


  • For the group: The goal for this group is to facilitate interactions among peers, and between peers and mentors, to avoid the duplicative effort and needless inefficiencies of teaching in isolation.
  • For individuals: The goal for each individual is to implement one or more DryadLab teaching modules in their course during the spring semester.  A secondary goal is to develop a deeper understanding of how to effectively teach data skills to students.

Intended Audience: Faculty who teach biology at any level and who would like to increase students' skills in hypothesis testing through data analysis and interpretation.

Commitment: Participants will meet online once every two weeks for 30 minutes to share ideas and materials. Participants will also create a poster to share their module adaptations with the online community in a virtual poster session during the last week of March.

Manager (direct questions to): Alison Hale

Click here to view the open access DryadLab page