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1047 Biobytes - bite sized ways to start discussions about data science principles and practices. This is a space to discuss the Biobytes materials launched at the 2019 Summer Workshop, "Evolution of Data in the Classroom: From Data to Data Science" [] 2 Discussions 3 Posts
837 Data Sources Where do you go to get data that is useful in your classroom? 1 Discussions 2 Posts
Ways to get involved
1014 DS-UBE help needed This is a space where folks working on DS-UBE connected projects can advertise their opportunities and recruit collaborators. It makes sense that people who are looking to get involved could introduce themselves and say a bit about what they are interested in here too. 1 Discussions 1 Posts
1015 Opportunities with other data science education projects One of our goals at DS-UBE is to provide opportunities for diverse groups of stakeholders to get more connected, raise awareness of other projects, foster collaboration, and reform undergraduate biology education. We think that finding small ways to collaborate are an important aspect of building a community. 2 Discussions 2 Posts
Misc. Other Data Science Ed
1023 Jobs in Data Science Education 3 Discussions 3 Posts