Applicant Review Process

Applicants to attend the NSF INCLUDES Conference Bringing Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion in Data Science to the Environmental Sciences were selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Incomplete applications were removed from consideration.
  2. Any applicant whose goals did not align with the goals of the conference (e.g., attend to learn data science skills) and, therefore, would not gain what they hoped to gain through participation, were removed from consideration. 
  3. All conference organizing committee members were selected as participants.
  4. Any individual asked to participate as a speaker or discussion facilitator was automatically selected as a participant. These individuals were selected as leaders in one or more areas relevant to the conference theme.
  5. The remaining applications were independently reviewed by members of the selection committee using a rubric based on the goals of the conference and those of the broader INCLUDES program.  
  6. To ensure broad representation and diverse perspectives at the conference, the committee sought to ensure that attendees represented a broad range of: career stage, professional role, institutional affiliation, geographic distribution. Additional considerations included, if the applicant is or has been involved in NSF INCLUDES project and whether the applicant was known to have first-hand knowledge of barriers faced as an individual underrepresented in STEM.
  7. Final decisions were made following a full conference organizing committee meeting to review applicant selections. 

Anyone who applied but cannot attend the event in-person will be given the opportunity to participate in pre- and post-conference activities of the Environmental Data Science Inclusion Network and to also participate in the conference remotely via live streaming and other engagement tools.