EDSIN is built around a community of members interested in improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in careers and training involving data sciences and the environment (ecology, earth sciences, bio math, and more). Various working groups focus on different aspects of this work. Anyone is encouraged to join a working group that is of interest to them.  

In addition to the working groups, the EDSIN Practitioners Support Group is a space for everyone to continue the conversation and seek support or opportunities for all of us working in to create a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse educational system, training space, and work place.  

Active EDSIN Working Groups

We are currently looking for leaders within each of these groups. If you are interested in serving in this role or starting a new working group, please contact Alycia Crall.

  • Asset Map: This group works to create an asset map of the various organizations, individuals, and other assets that are resources for the community. 

  • Establishing a Vision: With EDSIN new in 2019, this group is working to establish a vision for the network and shape the core voice of future proposals and work. 

  • Evaluation and Standard Measures:  An important goal of EDSIN and the NSF INCLUDES Coordination Hub is to have standard measures and evaluation practices to tell how well the community and initiatives are doing in improving equity, inclusion, and diversity. This group is working to develop a set of best practices for the INCLUDES Coordination Hub and adoption by the community. 

  • Mentoring: This group is working to identify existing opportunities or create new opportunities for mentoring to create an inclusive and diversity education and work place. 

  • Shared Resources: There are many existing resources to support this community but finding them can be a challenge. This group is working to create a space where these resources are more easily discoverable.  For now, the EDSIN Collections are the place to add resources of interest to the community.

  • Sharing Stories: This group is working to create a space for the sharing of individual stories.  

  • Conference Report: This group is writing the conference proceedings from the April 2019 Bringing Conversations on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Data Science to the Environmental Sciences NSF INCLUDES Conference.  

Previous EDSIN Working Groups

Currently all EDSIN Working Groups are active.