Below are research publications and presentations from FLAMEnet members and collaborators:

Henry, M.A., Shorter, S., Charkoudian, L., Heemstra, J. M, & Corwin, L. A. (2019). FAIL is not a four-letter word. A theoretical framework for exploring undergraduate students' approaches to academic challenge and responses to failure in STEM learning environments. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 18(1), ar11 1-17,   


Here, we provide examples of research literature describing the validated psychological frameworks that inform our work.

Mindset (Implicit Theories of Intelligence)
Lin-Siegler, X., Ahn, J. N., Chen, J., Fang, F. F. A., & Luna-Lucero, M. (2016). Even Einstein struggled: Effects of learning about great scientists’ struggles on high school students’ motivation to learn science. Journal of Educational Psychology108(3), 314.

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Goal Orientation

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Fear of Failure
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