Genome Solver is partnering with QUBES 

Our August 14, 2020 workshop session was recorded and is available here, along with all the materials used in the workshop.  Look for the publication "Mini-Workshop, August 14, 2020."  

Our October 2, 2020 follow-up session was also recorded. Materials are available in the publication "Mini-Workshop Follow-Up, October 2, 2020."

Anne describes the history of Genome Solver in a talk in the Integrating Bioinformatics Education Series in Arkansas.  The recording can be viewed here:

Genome Solver began as a way to teach undergraduate faculty some basic skills in bioinformatics; no coding or scripting is required. Explore our resources!

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Genome Solver Team Leaders 

Anne Rosenwald, Georgetown University (

Gaurav Arora, Gallaudet University (

Vinayak Mathur, Cabrini University (


Genome Solver:  Microbial Comparative Genomics 

human microbiome

The Genome Solver Project to teach the science of comparative microbial genomics for undergraduates.  See our Lessons and Community Science Project for a Classroom-based Undergraduate Research (CURE) Project 

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View our article in Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education!



Contact any of the liaisons below with questions:

Anne Rosenwald

Georgetown University

Genome Solver liaison

Sam Donovan

University of Pittsburgh

QUBES liaison