Thank you to all who attended the iEMBER 2020 Virtual Conference! You will find the recorded video of the meeting here:

Addressing Institutional Racism and White Privilege in STEM Education

Friday September 25th, 2020 9AM-1PM (PT) // 10AM-2PM (MT) // 11AM-3PM (CT) // 12PM-4PM (ET)

Featured Speaker:

Dr. Pamela Leggett-Robinson - “The Importance of Now: Addressing the 'Double Helix Staircase' in STEM Education

Dr. Leggett-Robinson’s research and scientific presentations focus on student support programs in STEM education, support programming for women of color in STEM professions, natural product chemistry, and surface chemistry. She has received multiple awards for her STEM service to students and garnered funds from both NIH and NSF in program funding. She is a co-editor of the book Overcoming Barriers for Women of Color in STEM Fields and co-author of the book chapter “Navigating the Landscape of the STEM Professoriate: Reflections and Insights” From Women of Color. Women's Influence on Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in STEM Fields. More information is available on her personal website.

We especially welcome researchers, educators, & policymakers interested in diversity, equity, & inclusion with expertise in:

  • biology

  • education

  • social science


We will

  • Network
  • Form Research Teams
  • Learn about collaboration support
  • Have Courageous Conversations


Topics For Courageous Conversations and Potential Research Collaborations May Include

  • Systemic Racism vs Unconscious Bias
  • The importance of now
  • Re-narrating in the time of COVID-19
  • Diversion tactics
  • Popularity vs. sustainability
  • How do we hold institutions accountable for their commitment to anti-racism
  • Labor of being Black (and other underrepresented in STEM) in the academy: personal & professional tolls: endless service, labor,  risk in being asked to lead
  • How have institutions and individuals benefited from doing research on/or about Black, Indigenous and People Of Color, and how can this be transitioned into creating spaces for these people to be part of the research and/or address questions in ways that aren’t traditionally accepted?

Conference Schedule

Recorded Sessions

Section PT MT CT ET
Welcome and opening remarks 9-9:20 AM 10-10:20 AM 11-11:20 AM 12-12:20 PM
Explaining the meeting theme and goals 9:20-9:35 AM 10:20-10:35 AM 11:20-11:35 AM 12:20-12:35 PM
Initial breakout icebreaker/meet and greet 9:35-9:50 AM 10:35-10:50 AM 11:35-11:50 AM 12:35-12:50 PM
Come back together: Share things learned in groups 9:50-9:55 AM 10:50-10:55 AM 11:50-11:55 AM 12:50-12:55 PM
Coffee and Bio Break 9:55-10:00 AM 10:55-11:00 AM 11:55 AM-12:00 PM 12:55-1:00 PM
Introduction of the speaker 10:00-10:05 AM 11:00-11:05 AM 12:00-12:05 AM 1:00-1:05 PM
Dr. Pamela Leggett-Robinson
"The "Double Helix Staircase" of STEM Education"
10:05-10:35 AM 11:05-11:35 AM 12:05-12:35 PM 1:05-1:35 PM
Explanation of How to Choose Research Groups 10:35-10:40 AM 11:35-11:40 AM 12:35-12:40 PM 1:35-1:40 PM
Break 10:40-10:55 AM 11:40-11:55 AM 12:40-12:55 PM 1:40-1:55 PM
Breakout – Research 1
Goal: come up with an initial research idea & generate a short abstract
10:55-11:25 AM 11:55 AM-12:25 PM 12:55-1:25 PM 1:55-2:25 PM
QUBEShub Onboarding 11:25-11:40 AM 12:25-12:40 PM 1:25-1:40 PM 2:25-2:40 PM
Brain Break 11:40-11:50 AM 12:40-12:50 PM 1:40-1:50 PM 2:40-2:50 PM
Breakout – Research 2
Goal: plan research next steps
11:50 AM-12:20 PM 12:50-1:20 PM 1:50-2:20 PM 2:50-3:20 PM
Meeting wrap-up/group photo 12:20-1:00 PM 1:20-2:00 PM 2:20-3:00 PM 3:20-4:00 PM
If any team wants to continue to talk have meeting rooms available to discuss TBD TBD TBD TBD

For more information or to become involved, contact Dr. Candice Idlebird ( and Dr. Michael Moore (