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November 2nd Assignment

Share your syllabus for the class in which you plan to use the InTeGrate modules. This will help us to start thinking about how we can best help you to integrate (no pun intended) these modules into your classroom.

To share your syllabus:

  • Go to the Collection for our syllabus sharing activity. Here, you will be able to add a file - this space is Private, only fellow InTeGrate group members will be able to see your documents and comments. If you want, you can upload only the lecture/lab topics (removing any specific information about office hours, contact information, grading schemes, etc.)
  • Click on "New Post" (make sure you are posting into the "Syllabus Sharing" Collection)
  • Upload your document

Please include the following information in the "Description" section of your new post:

  • Course learning goals and outcomes
  • Areas where the InTeGrate modules may fit well with existing course curriculum.

Please take a moment to review and/or comment on other InTeGrate participant posts.


Tips and Tricks to complete this week's assignment

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