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  • Created 04 Mar 2020

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MBLEMs: Our goal is to create and disseminate Molecular Biotechnology Education Laboratory Modules (MBLEMs).

​​​​Despite the accelerating expansion of online resources for modern life science education and training, the reality is that development of molecular biology laboratory-based skills requires `hands-on' instruction, preferably in a research-oriented context. Educational strategies that rely on lecture alone or traditional, but outdated, laboratory experiences ineffectively prepare the current and future generations of the US biomedical workforce. New paradigms are needed for molecular biology lab training that are flexible, inclusive, broadly applicable and supportive of inter-institutional cooperation, all of which is addressed in the proposed project.

NIH: 1R25GM130528-01A1

Find information about specific MBLEMs, assessment, ethics, and RCR by visiting the Projects. 
Projects contain materials by course or area, with each course being a project, for example.

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Find resources including syllabi, worksheets, and assessments by visiting Files.
Files contain documents such as syllabi, slides, or spreadsheets.

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Share resources and links that are more general in the Collections section.
We have a Collection to share links to video resources, for example.

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Share your ideas for resources we don't have and could use in the Wishlist.
Our Wishlist is a place for you to share requests as we plan for future MBLEM design and deployment.

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Learn about updates by looking at the Announcements section. 
We send Announcements that go to your email, and we will also keep the most recent Announcements on this page.



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