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Quick tips

Quick and/or doable interventions for success in getting undergraduate students to be successful in applied mathematics

Tips for research

== (3P’s by Ami Radunskaya)


  • Wishing that students were different or better prepared
  • Wishing that students were more independentPossibilities
  • Instead of a final paper, have a sketch for a final paper
  • Expect to work a couple of summers on the same topic to publish a paper.
  • Write up a MOE = Memorandum of Expectations. Have students keep a log and a lab book with all notes that YOU own.
  • Invest up front.
  • ReST = give Resources, Samples, and Templates.
  • Group assignments and accountability.
  • Weekly discussion of results. Organize speaking seminars with other faculty/student teams.
  • Try to facilitate peer mentoring.
  • Believe in the students.Prayers
  • Find 2-3 students who work well together (have complimentary skills).
  • Have a project that a small question can be well-articulated and you know how to answer that question.
  • Students have some programming/scientific computing skills.
  • Students know how to navigate research database, LaTaX, Beamer, and Jabref.
  • Students know how to critically read papers, how to cite properly, and how to synthesize information from multiple sources. ==

Summer research tips

(Tips 1-14 courtesy of Chad Topaz)

  1. Remember it is more like teaching than research
  2. Set expectations with students (# hours, deliverables, setbacks, etc.)
  3. Give students a realistic experience
  4. Getting a paper out is secondary
  5. Have a long time horizon
  6. Continue in later summers, or via senior thesis, or course projects, or…
  7. Student work in teams of 2-3 (if resources allow)
  8. Meeting with students every single day
  9. Code together with students
  10. Teach a lit review
  11. Teach organization (folders, commenting, BibTex, etc.)
  12. Teach/practice giving a talk
  13. Incorporate other professional development activities
  14. Incorporate social activities

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