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  • Created 13 Oct 2017


The NEON Data Education FMN in fall 2018 had thirteen active participants with two co-facilitators. The faculty participants all adapted existing NEON educational resources or created new educational resources using NEON data. Most faculty were able to implement their modules during the semester, with some faculty preparing new materials for spring semester. 

Participants in this FMN can find additional meeting details here (Group Member only access). 


This module assesses the role of wildfire in the eastern US and its impact on bird communities using NEON bird survey data from pre- and post- a major wildfire in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GRSM) in November 2016.
data manipulation, species richness, ANOVA, species diversity, birds, wildfire, BACI design, Lab, Teaching material, Lecture, Undergraduate, Dataset, Raw, Graduate, Advanced

Data simulation and randomization tests

James S. Santangelo

Version: 1.0

A participatory live-coding lesson on simulating data and performing randomization tests on ecological data in R.
introductory, Teaching material, Lecture, Reference material, Undergraduate, Dataset, Cleaned, Graduate, Advanced, Majors, More than 1 hour
A participatory live-coding lesson on working with NEON phenology data and fitting a sine-wave model to determine when different species get and lose their leaves.
modeling, R, phenology, NEON, Rstats, code, participatory live-coding, Lab, Teaching material, Lecture, Undergraduate, Advanced, More than 1 hour


Week of...
Aug 13: What is this FMN & What is NEON
Aug 27: Accessing & Understanding NEON Data
Sept 10: Inquiry in the Classroom
Sept. 24: Successes & Challenges using Data in the Classroom: Article Discussion & Round Table
Oct. 8: Universal Design (Due to holiday, no Monday meeting)
Oct. 22: Sharing Week 1
Nov. 5: Sharing Week 2
Nov. 26: Sharing Week 3
Dec. 3: The OER Lifecycle 
Dec. 21: No meeting - Final Materials Due