Building the community



The QUBESHub infrastructure is designed to make it easy for your to engage a community around your project. Now that you have set up the group, built some pages, and shared some materials, you are ready to reach out and engage your users and collaborators. This page will provide some resources for getting started.   

Use Scenarios

Disseminating your materials

  • You can do much more than just posting your materials to be downloaded. Use your community to collect feedback and customizations of your materials. Host discussions about how to use the lessons with different student audiences and to focus on specific learning outcomes. 

Building a collaborative community

  • Set the Membership Join Policy to "Open" so that anyone with a QUBESHub account can join your group
  • Use your overview page to introduce your project and how others can participate.
  • Use tools like Collections and the Forum to make it easy for your community to share ideas and connect with one another.  

Private workspace

  • Set the Membership Join Policy to "Restricted" or "Invite only"
  • Make the Overview visible to any HUB visitor and use that page to share a little information about your group and give them a way to contact you if they are interested in learning more. 
  • Make other tools accessible to group members only.

Support Documents

What are Groups?    How to Edit Pages.

Discussion Forum

Check the discussion about setting up groups to get ideas and ask questions.