Test your proficiency with the new QUBES Resources System! 

Test your knowledge of the Resources System by answering the following questions using the full resource record for this resource.

  1. Is this an original resource or an adaptation?


  2. How many times has this resource been viewed and downloaded? 

    190 views and 24 downloads at the time this was posted and climbing!

  3. What is the DOI for this resource? 


  4. What different file types are included in this resource? 

    Word documents (teaching notes, handouts, and assignments) and Excel files (datasets).

  5. How many versions of this resource exist? 


  6. Have additional adaptations of this resource been created?  (i.e. Has this resource been forked?) 


  7. How do you create an adaption of this resource for sharing back with the community? 

    Click the “Fork” button on the right side of the full resource record.

  8. How would you share this resource on Twitter? 

    By clicking on the Twitter logo in the upper right corner of the full resource record.  Go ahead and share it!

  9. Have users submitted any reviews or questions about this resource? 

    Not at the time this was posted, but you can be the first!

  10. How do you sign up to get notifications about new versions of this resource? 

    Click the “watch publication” button.


How many questions did you get right?

9-10: Congratulations! You’re a Resources Expert!

6-8: Not too shabby!  You’re an Average Joe when it comes to the Resources system.    

>5::  You’re a Resources Newbie.  Stay tuned to additional discussions about the Resources system in the QUBES Support Community for Partner Projects and feel free to ask questions in the group forum