The New QUBES Resources System for sharing Open Education Resources (OER)

  1. Elia Crisucci

    The New QUBES Resources System for sharing Open Education Resources (OER) is up and running.  What does that mean for your project?

    The new system makes it easier for others to find your materials, easier to adapt resources for use in your own classroom, and easier to keep track of how widely your materials are being used.  

    View this page to learn how resources are viewed and accessed in the Resources system.  

    If you missed the introduction to the resources system in the QUBES Support Community Newsletter (March 2018), check it out for a general overview of the features of the Resources System.

    Over the next few weeks, the activities in the QUBES Support Community for Partner Projects will be centered around the new Resources System.  Here are just a few things we have planned:  

    • We’ll be asking for your feedback on the resource cards and full resource record.
    • We’ll be sharing some interesting ways that projects are already using the QUBES Resources system.

    We'd also really like to know which aspects of the new Resources System are most important for your project.  If you haven’t done so already, please take 3 minutes to complete this short survey and help us tailor the activities to suit your project’s goals and needs.   

    Please post your questions and comments about the Resources System below!

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  2. Elia Crisucci

    QUBES Partner Projects and other members of the QUBES Community are already taking advantage of the new QUBES Resources System.  

    Click here for some examples illustrating some interesting ways the new QUBES Resources System is being used for sharing Open Education Resources (OER).

    If you haven't done so already, there is still time to take this 3-minute survey to tell us about your project's goals, interests, and needs for sharing OER so that we can tailor upcoming activities in the QUBES Support Community accordingly.

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  3. Elia Crisucci

    QUBES Sneak Peek!

    The QUBES Resources System is brand new but we are already using the feedback from some early adopters of the system to improve your OER sharing experience.  We are scheduled to update the Resources System with our next code push in early May, so now is a great time to learn about the changes we have planned and give us your feedback to drive further development of the system.

    Tell us what you think of the Resources cards!

    We have some small changes planned for the Resources cards.  In particular, we want to make the language around adapting a resource more clear and accessible by replacing the phrase “Forked from” with “Adapted from” to indicate the materials from which a particular resource was adapted.  However, we want you to tell us if you have additional feedback , so please browse through some resources cards and leave your comments by posting below.  Please note that these cards will link to the existing version of the Full Resources Record, but you’ll see that, below, we are asking for your feedback on a new version of the Full Resources Record that is currently at the prototype stage.    

    All feedback on the Resources cards is welcome, but there are a few specific things we’d like to know:

    • Is there enough information on the card to pique your interest?  Is it enough to make you want to learn more about a particular resource?
    • Which descriptive tags are most important to you? (These appear at the bottom of the card.)
    • Is it easy to access the full record from the card?  
    • Do you think it is important to see the materials that a particular resource was forked/adapted from on the card or is it sufficient to display that information in the full record?
    • Did you notice that clicking on the number of downloads that appears on the bottom of the card (e.g. “17 downloads”) takes you to the full record, but clicking on the downward icon (downward arrow in the bottom left corner of the card) downloads the materials directly?

    Give us feedback on the prototype for the new Full Resources Record!

    We are planning some BIG changes to the Full Resources Record to make it easier for you to find what you need.  As members of the QUBES Support Community for Partner Projects, we would like to share with you a preview of these planned changes, get your feedback, and use your input to finalize the plans for the full record in time for our next code push in early May.  Please take a look at a prototype of the new Full Resources Record and tell us what you think by posting below.  Please note that, at this early stage in development, not all of the links work in the prototype and some information is represented by placeholders.  However, you’ll see where these will appear in the Full Resources Record, so please take a look at the prototype, click around (because many of the links DO work), and tell us whether or not the format of the new Full Resources Record is functional and intuitive. 

    All feedback is welcome, but there are a few specific things we’d like to know:

    • Is the information at the top of the record prioritized accurately?  Is this what you want to see at the top?  Is there other information that should be there?
    • Is it easy to access the files associated with a resource?
    • Are the locations of the “Adapt”, “Share”, and “Collect” buttons convenient and intuitive?
    • Is it easy to find different versions and adaptations of the resource?  

    We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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  4. Drew LaMar

    Hi, everyone!  I wanted to give a little more context to this design and mention some issues we are attempting to address:

    • In reference to one of Elia's prompts about prioritized information, one of the main interests of mine is making sure that the group name and logo are clearly displayed.  Right now they are in the left below the picture.  Another question we have regards Partner sponsorship.  Many Partners have multiple FMNs, and it might be nice to show not only the FMN group but also the Partner group.  Where would the Partner logo go?  Is the location of the group logo okay?
    • The green buttons represent actions users can take with the resource.  These actions depend on the type of content.  For example, sometimes the resource is only a link to an external resource.  Sometimes it is downloadable content (like PDF, DOCX, etc.)  We have plans to allow one-click loading of CSV files (and other file types) into QUBES cloud software (like RStudio) directly from the resource record.  My main point is there is a lot of possibility of what a user can do with this record, and so we have the challenge of making these multiple action items clear to the user.  Any ideas around this are welcome!
    • There is an interesting opportunity to address the information overload that comes with multiple versions and adaptations of a resource.  Following from one of Elia's prompts, how do we effectively and helpfully show the differences between versions and adaptations to instructors so they may find the teaching resource they need?  

    Here's your opportunity to influence our development!  We'd love to hear any comments or feedback you have.  Thanks, and I hope everyone is doing well!

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  5. Sam S Donovan

    So, I’m looking at the example “cards” display of Resources at the ESA FMN Products page and I think it is pretty slick. The information is pretty dense but with a little orientation I’m able to quickly scan the collection based on my interests. The “sponsored by” and “teaching material” information here is pretty redundant in this example but I imagine that is because these are all from the same source.

    Are there examples where a collection of cards would cut across a variety of projects - say, grouping resources that use R? When I click on the tag “online course” I go to a list view of materials with that tag. Will there be an option to see these as cards?

    As more materials are developed and shared I can imagine that it will get pretty complicated to track different features. For instance - it looks like several people adapted the same resource. Would it be possible to have a view where we see a resource in the local context of related materials (see attached image). If titles are very similar (in large part because people are just modifying things for use in their class and not changing topics) should we be including the resource # in the file name to help people “see” differences?

    When I look at the Resources page in QUBES the cards have a very different layout (just title and image). Is this a conscious choice to make these look different? I could imagine places where it would be nice to use a simple card versus the complex cards used in the ESA group.  


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  6. Hayley Orndorf

    Sam brings up an interesting point about the card vs list view of resources. I'd be interested to hear what people's preferences are when browsing both in groups and site wide. Currently, cards are used in a group setting, while when searching and browsing through the site, the list view that Sam linked above is the default. There are a few differences in content (list view does not have tags, attribution, or sponsor), but I'd like feedback from users on which view is preferred in different environments.

    Also - I'd like to point out another "simple card" example in the SPARCNet: Educational Resources Group. This group uses a simple card view to display their resources instead of the default resource card. We have lots of options for partners to customize how they display their resources - is that something partners find helpful or disorienting?

    Looking forward to your feedback!


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  7. Nicole Chodkowski

    If the description text is too long, you need to click on the “view record” to view the descriptive tags. Do we want to display those tags on the card itself?

    Could there be a way to give users a “sort by …” option? For instance, the default option could be how it is currently presented by FMN group, but could there also be a “sort by module” option that starts with the original source and then opens up to all adaptations?

    Also, to get some feedback from users, we could possibly put together 2-3 of questions for the post FMN survey that will be sent out to the Data Discovery group. Although some participants may have looked at the old version of this display, it still may be worth hearing what they thought was useful.


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  8. Elia Crisucci

    QUBES Sneak Peek!  I’d like to share with you a message from Drew LaMar that describes a new feature that has recently been added to the QUBES Resources System for sharing Open Education Resources (OER). 

    "Hi, everyone. I wanted to let everyone know that there is a new feature for QUBES open educational resources.  We can now fine tune curation options for each resource type.  So, for example, all "QUBES Resources" are automatically published without review.  "MMHub Resources," however, can be automatically published without review or sent for review.  This was a requested feature from MMHub for their official site launch happening this week.  There can also be the option to immediately send resources in for review (i.e. no automatic publishing).  Something to tell interested partners about!"
    - Drew

    Please feel free to post questions/comments below.

    If you are interested in developing a customized resource type and curation pipeline for your project, please feel free to contact us!  

    For a recap of the activities in this community that have focused on the QUBES Resources System, click here.  

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