Resource of the Week - a new weekly QUBES feature highlighting an educational resource that is freely available on QUBES

  1. Elia Crisucci

    The Resource of the Week (ROW) is a new feature at QUBES where, each week, we shine the spotlight on an outstanding QUBES resource.  The resources featured in the ROW are drawn from the larger collection of openly licensed materials shared by QUBES users and partners.  Each ROW includes a brief description of the education resource along with related materials and opportunities that might be of interest to the QUBES community.

    All past ROWs can be accessed on the QUBES News & Activities page and on the ROW landing page (which is linked to from the News & Activities page).

    We hope you'll subscribe to the ROW to get it automatically sent to your email inbox.

    We'd also like to encourage you to nominate resources for the ROW.  If you would like your project's resources to be featured in the ROW, feel free to post below or email me at  The ROW is a great way to share information with the broader QUBES community about your project, your project's resources, and any activities/opportunities that your project would like to advertise. 

    Also feel free to contact me if you are interested in sharing your teaching materials on the QUBES Resources System.       


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  2. Kristine Grayson

    I nominate Chris Gough's resource from the NEON network:

    The Shiny app from Jackie Matthes:

    And Figure of the Day!

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  3. Elia Crisucci

    Thanks for your nominations, Kristine!  These are great resources.  I'll feature them in the ROW soon.

    Partner Liaisons, please keep the nominations coming!  Feel free to describe why you love the resource and let me know about any news, opportunities, etc. related to the resource and I'll be sure to include that information in the ROW.  Some examples: Was the resource used in or the product of an FMN?  Will the author or members of the project be presenting at an upcoming conference?  Is the project accepting applications for an upcoming FMN or other opportunity?         

    F.Y.I., all ROWs are sent to the authors and the associated project liaisons for review prior to going live on QUBES.  


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  4. Sam S Donovan

    How about featuring one of the resources that will be used in the upcoming HHMI A&P FMN -

    I'm not sure which resources they are planning to use but they have lots of good material. 

    They have a blog post about modifying materials that might be interesting to link to - 

    The FMN is apparently way oversubscribed so this might be a way for others to "follow" what is going on.

    I know that you have some HHMI stuff lining up so maybe this would be held for later. 

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  5. Elia Crisucci

    Our latest ROW is a resource nominated by Kristine Grayson - Figure of the Day by Arietta Fleming-Davies and Jeremy Wojdak.  Thank you again for your nomination, Kristine!

    If you haven't done so already, subscribe to the ROW so that it gets automatically sent to you via email.    

    Please nominate resources for the ROW by posting below or emailing me at  

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  6. Elia Crisucci

    Another one of Kristine Grayon's nominations has been featured in the latest ROW - Environmental Drivers of Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes from Minutes to Years by Christopher Gough, Cindee Giffen, and Thomas W Woodward.  Check it out!  

    Thanks for the nominations, Kristine! 

    Please nominate resources for the ROW by posting below or emailing me at

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