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About the Prairie Project

 Land use and environmental changes are threatening the rangelands of the Great Plains and the associated ecosystem services vital to society. As a collaboration among Texas A&M University, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, The Prairie Project aims to examine how pyric-herbivory and mixed-species grazing can support the sustainability of livestock production and ecosystem services in the Great Plains region.

Education Mentoring Network

We are a community of educators interested in bringing the science of pyric-herbivory and mixed-species grazing to diverse learning experiences for our students.

Our activities include:

  • Designing and implementing high-impact learning experiences for our students
  • Promoting and assessing student understanding of sustainability of rangelands and ecosystem services
  • Conducting collaborative research in the areas of teaching and learning

Membership Benefits

  • $2,000 stipend for each educator
  • Travel support for the summer workshop and a professional conference
  • $1,000 for supplies associated with classroom or action research projects
  • Individual consultations with subject and pedagogical experts
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