1. Anton E Weisstein

    Hi all! I'm on the Biology faculty at Truman State University, a public liberal arts institution in northeastern Missouri. I mainly teach introductory biology for majors, as well as upper-level electives in bioinformatics and mathematical biology. I've worked with BioQUEST since 2003, helping develop curricula and simple software tools for mathematical modeling and sequence analysis. I'm looking forward to working with folks to find and adapt similar resources aimed at helping students engage with quantitative concepts.

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  2. Savanah M St. Clair Senn

    Hello, I'm Savanah St. Clair Senn and I am tenured faculty at Los Angeles at Pierce College. It is an ag school with a strong STEM transfer rate.  I teach Soil and Plant Science, Genetics, and Plant Breeding.  My MS is from Cal Poly Pomona and I am currently working on my PhD in Environmental Sciences, Quantitative track at Oregon State. I am looking forward to working with other faculty to create high quality resources.

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