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Welcome to the QB@CC network!

  1. Vedham Karpakakunjaram


    I am a Biology faculty in Montgomery College, Maryland and the co-PI of the QB@CC grant! I teach introductory biology for majors, general biology for non-majors and sophomore level organismal biology. I am excited and looking forward to working with you - as part of the QB@CC network and hoping that together we can expand the network in the years to come! At Montgomery College, I have been involved in the college-wide initiatives to build and adopt open-access based courses. I am hoping that the resources that we build as part of the QB@CC grant will have positive impact on students' learning experiences.

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  2. Heather Susanne Zimbler-DeLorenzo

    Hi I'm Heather.  I just switched positions and moved from a small liberal arts college in NY to Georgia State Perimeter College in Atlanta.  I am getting used to teaching at a two-year school.  I am teaching Introduction to Biology and Anatomy and Physiology.  I have participated in other QUBES before and look forward to connecting with new colleagues.

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  3. Joseph Esquibel

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm Joe Esquibel, a biology professor at Lansing Community College over in Michigan. I am on the steering committee for the QB@CC Team. My teaching focuses on the small stuff in biology (biochemistry, cellular & microbial). I'm passionate about improving my student's biology experience and making sure they are prepared to succeed where ever they want to go in life. As such, I've been interested in improving my students quantitative/math skills as this seems to be a major determinant in how quickly they reach those destinations. 

    I'm currently running a 3-year OER wiki project that all my courses participate in, conducting long-standing tooth decay experiments with my students and running a regional Science Olympiad competition. I enjoy a good podcast, I've probably listened to 500 hours of Teaching in Higher EdTWiVTWiMImmuneTWiEVOSawbonesLab Out LoudBioScienceRadiolabTwo Scientists Walk into a Bar, and Internal Medicine!

    I look forward to working with you all! 

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  4. Alys Hugo


    I'm Alys Hugo and I'm a mathematics instructor at Everett Community College in Everett, WA, half an hour North of Seattle. I'm on the steering committee for the QB@CC Team. I'm currently on leave from teaching because I have a new baby at home but I typically teach everything from pre-algebra up through linear algebra and differential equations. My first job out of undergrad was as a researcher in a computational biology group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory so while I'm by no means knowledgeable about biology (I didn't even really need to know what peptide was to do my work), I enjoy how math and biology intersect in so many surprising ways. I recently wrapped up a grant at my institution that focused on redesigning our developmental math sequence and creating contextualized OER for those courses. Now that the project is over, I've starting reviewing an OER Linear Algebra text.

    I'm so excited to be part of this project and work with all of you!

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  5. John Doudna


    I'm John Doudna, and I am a biology faculty member at Lansing Community College in Michigan. I've been teaching community college classes for about 5 years. I teach environmental science and introductory biology courses (exclusively for non-majors thus far). My background is in evolutionary ecology and foraging ecology - primarily studying small mammals. I have participated in QUBES faculty mentoring networks as a participant and as a mentor. I find modification of OER activities for the community college non-majors classroom to be challenging but rewarding. I am really excited about being part of an incubator this time.

    I am looking forward to participating in this work with all of you!

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  6. Jennifer Lyon Adler

    Hello all!

    I'm Jen, an Associate Professor of Biology at Maysville Community & Technical College in northeastern Kentucky. These days, I teach mostly Anatomy and Physiology courses, but I squeeze in Intro to Bio, Conservation Bio, Ecology, and Microbiology. I integrate math and problem-solving skills into my classes whenever possible. High quality OERs have certainly helped, but I love creating my own content too. 

    I was a member of one of the QB@CC Incubator Groups and was surprised how much I learned from the math folks because I've always enjoyed math and thought I spoke the language well! I definitely feel more confident in teaching math skills in my biology courses. Looking forward to collaborating more! 

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  7. Alida Janmaat

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Alida Janmaat and I primarily teach Introductory Biology, Ecology and Animal Behaviour at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  UFV was formerly a two-year college.  The majority of our students transition to one of the larger local universities after spending 1-2 years with us.  I incorporate quantitative and statistical skills in all of my courses, including a non-majors human biology course that I taught for the first time this summer.   I have been involved in several QUBES FMNs over the years and find them to be very motivating.  The Math Anxiety FMN that I attended several years ago was eye-opening and it forced me to rethink my approach to teaching math in my courses. 

    I look forward to meeting and working with everyone! 

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  8. Melanie Lenahan

    Hi everyone!  I am a Professor of Biology at Raritan Valley Community College in Central NJ.  I teach General Biology, Genetics and Cell & Molecular Biology.  I was a member of an incubator, the Catalytic Graphers, last year.  I am excited to be a co-facilitator for the Spring 2021 incubators.

    I look forward to meeting everyone! 

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  9. Randall LaRue Moser Jr

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm Randy Moser, I am a professor of mathematics at Horry Georgetown Technical College in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I teach Statistics, Calculus, and Differential Equations. I enjoy exploring the applications of math in the natural and physical sciences.


    I look forward to working with everyone!



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  10. Jessica A Adams

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Jessica Adams and I am an associate professor of mathematics from Harford Community College in Harford County, Maryland.  I have been working at the college full-time since 2015.  I have taught Statistics, Pre-Statistics, Co-req Statistics, Trigonometry, Developmental Math, College Algebra, Quantitative Topics, etc.  I was a member of incubator 5 last year,  and look forward to working with QB@CC again this year.

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  11. Wendy Houston

    My name is Wendy and I'm a founding math faculty at the Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA) at Everett Community College in Washington State. ORCA is a two-year, cohort based dual enrollment program where high school juniors and seniors graduate with their associates degree and high school diploma.

    Our students' experience is highlighted by the opportunity to conduct research of Possession Sound aboard our research vessel Phocoena. Math courses in precalculus, statistics and calculus as well as oceanography and marine biology are coordinated to support the students' research program. I love finding opportunities to link marine science and math and look forward to learning with the QB@CC group!

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  12. Jennifer Olson

    Hi everyone, Jennifer Olson here. I am currently in my second year teaching ocean technology, oceanography and marine biology with the Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA) at Everett Community College in Washington State.

    This will be my first incubator experience, and I’m excited to use this opportunity to build on some of the interdisciplinary efforts we have started at ORCA. Looking forward to working with all of you!

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  13. Stefanie L Holmes

    Hello, everyone. My name is Stefanie Holmes, and I am math faculty at Roane State Community College in east Tennessee. I have a background in teaching learning support mathematics having been one of the mathematics learning support specialists at Roane State prior to becoming faculty. I currently teach algebra principles (think algebra 1 in high school), college algebra, and probability and statistics.

    I firmly believe that our students need examples of how mathematics is applied in other disciplines to help them see the relevance. A lot of the students I teach intend to apply to one of Roane State's allied health programs like nursing, dental hygiene, etc. Therefore, biological examples are especially relevant. I am very excited to implement an activity about osmosis and linear correlation that my incubator group from the fall developed.

    I am currently involved in several other OER projects, including a grant to create an OER-based course for our Math for General Studies course. My school has also started working on some interdisciplinary OER projects with which I am involved.

    I am looking forward to co-facilitating a new incubator this semester and meeting new collaborators!

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  14. Alyssa England

    Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa England and I am an assistant professor of mathematics at Roane State Community College in Tennessee.  I am in my first year of teaching at the college, and so far I have taught College Algebra, Probability and Statistics, PreCalculus, and Applied Calculus.  In these courses, I often use applications involving physics and chemistry because those are the subjects that I studied the most in undergrad. But I think the applications often get lost on students who study biology. So I am eager to bring biology into the mix!  This will be my first incubator experience, and I am excited to collaborate and work with everyone!

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  15. Breonna Martin

    Hello everyone!

    Please call me Bre. I'm an assistant professor of biology at Harford Community College in Maryland. I primarily teach microbiology, general biology, and biology for health professionals. I love working on interdisciplinary teams and think that our students benefit from the work that we are able to accomplish together.

    Last year, I was part of the first QB@CC cohort and it was a rewarding experience! I will be helping to mentor an incubator this year and I can't wait to get started. I look forward to seeing what all of the incubators develop.

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  16. Adronisha T. Frazier

    Hi. My name is Adronisha Frazier. I am a Biology Instructor at Northshore Technical Community College. I am also a graduate student at Louisiana State University pursuing a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Science Education. I teach general biology, introductory biology, medical microbiology, and environmental biology courses. I participated in the Spring 2020 QB@CC Cohort. I would love to work with other professionals to create more quantitative biology modules. I look forward to working with everyone!

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  17. Gracie King

    Hello, my name is Gracie King. I am an Assistant Professor at Nashville State Community College in Nashville, TN. I mainly teach Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II and Nutrition. I have taught General Biology and Pathophysiology in the past. My main approach in any class I teach is incorporating real life applications of the material we are studying, which often includes highlighting how important Math is in Biology. I have never participated in QB@CC but I am very excited to contribute to creating quantitative biology modules and learn more about OER's. I am also excited to meet everyone and share ideas. :)

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  18. Andrea Huntoon

    Hi!  I'm Andrea Huntoon and I teach at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI (which is about 30 minutes south of Green Bay, WI).  I currently teach General Biology and Principles of Sustainability, all to non-majors.  Many of my students are what I would describe as math-phobic.  They freeze up when they have to do anything that requires some sort of computation.  To help illustrate what I mean, I often have a significant number of students in any given class who are unable to calculate a percentage or read a graph.  As a result, I had steered away from much use of data and data analysis.  But, when I found out about this group, I was very excited!  I am very much looking forward to learning more about how I can help support my students in their ability to analyze data and become more confident in their own skills as well.

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  19. Marina McLeod

    Hi, my name is Marina. I teach math at the Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA) through Everett Community College, north of Seattle. As my colleague already mentioned, our students are dual-enrolled high schoolers. We spend a lot of time helping students collect and analyze data, and during my time at ORCA, I have worked with our other faculty to develop activities that tie together marine biology and statistics. In addition, I teach precalculus, calculus, and mentor students conducting undergraduate research. I look forward to learning from and with you all!

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  20. Philips Akinwole

    Hi everyone, I'm Philips Akinwole. I teach Microbiology and Intro Biology at DePauw University.

    This will be my first incubator experience, and I’m curious and excited to explore this opportunity to build on interdisciplinary efforts and connect with colleagues. Looking forward to working with all of you!

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