Z course for General Biology

  1. Melanie Lenahan

    Hi all,

    At my College I am charged with creating a Z-course using OER and other free-for-student course materials in lieu of the commercial textbook we currently use for our General Biology I course.  All course sections will use the same OER materials.  My plan is to pilot these materials Summer 2021.

    I am interested in learning how to put materials together in a "package" for our other bio faculty to use.  Ideally, they should be integrated into our LMS, Canvas. 

    I am looking for other faculty who may have done something similar at their institutions such that I could get in contact for information or strategies to help me in this process.


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  2. Lois Bartsch

    Not sure what a Z course is.  I do have experience going with just OER for our General Biology course.   I set up a course for our college several years back that required only a free eBook (using OpenStax) and other free materials.   Overtime we have added more materials as we created them.     Feel free to contact me, I can help!

    Lois Bartsch

    Metropolitan Community College - Omaha

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