Dissemination of QB@CC work

  1. Vedham Karpakakunjaram

    Dear QB@CC colleagues,


    I hope you all had a great start to your semester/quarter!


    As you all know, one of the main goals of QB@CC activity is to disseminate the awesome resources you all have collaboratively generated - for a wider access to our fellow educators. This also means, we should be reporting ALL the dissemination activities to NSF as part of the annual reports.


    This reporting will be efficient and complete only when we hear about all the places you are presenting QB@CC modules that you have been part of and published. Please make sure to reach out to me or any of the steering committee member or the facilitator you have worked with - to report about the presentations. It could be a presentation to your department colleagues, professional development workshop at your institution, at a conference/workshop, a poster or anything that you may have done with your QB@CC resource. THIS TIMELY COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT for us and NSF to have a record of - so the effectiveness of the project can be eventually measured. When you communicate the dissemination activity to us, PLEASE INLUDE THE FOLLOWING DETAILS:


    • List of authors
    • Type of dissemination (department meeting, workshop or poster at your institution, or a regional/national conference or workshop, or any other format)
    • Title of the presentation
    • Date(s) of Presentation
    • If there is an url, please provide the link to the presentation
    • If you have the presentation in a powerpoint or any other media source, please share it with us


    If your work in QB@CC project has helped you in any way (part of your portfolio in tenure/promotion packet, or resulted in further collaboration or a project, etc), please share a short description of such outcomes, so we can include these information in the annual report.


    Your cooperation and involvement in the QB@CC project is greatly valued and much appreciated.





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