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  • Created 24 Oct 2019

Spring 2021 Incubators

Interested in participating in another Incubator?  Learn more about 2021 Incubators here.  Application deadline Dec 13, 2020.

Interested in facilitating an Incubator?  Please apply here.

What does a facilitator do?

Facilitators will be recruited from QB@CC Network members who have previous Incubator experience, and will have a one hour training session two months before the Incubator launch. Facilitators are invited to join a bi-weekly meeting with others leading Incubators, FMNs, and working groups.  Facilitators also have access to staff for questions not answered in the leaders meeting.

The facilitator is responsible for supporting communications, organizing meeting times, and reminding participants of the timeline.  The facilitator may also point participants to resources, and will provide guidance for the publication process.  The facilitator is the liaison between the incubator and the full network, and will communicate the progress and outcomes of the Incubator with the full network.  The facilitator should reach out to the steering committee if there are any issues with the Incubator’s progress.  Facilitators should also attend the bi-weekly Mentor/Facilitator meetings with the QUBES Professional Development Manager.

Facilitators are not expected to contribute intellectually to the module, although they may if they and the participants mutually agree.  Facilitators should not be listed as module authors unless they make intellectual contributions to the module.

Facilitators will receive a small stipend and be recognized on the QB@CC website, and with a letter to their institutions.

Spring 2020 Incubators

These are the seven incubators formed at the February 2020 meeting.  

Group 1Exploring the math and science of how blood flow is impacted by pressure and resistance.

Group 2 The BioGraphers: Big Data Meets Biology

Group 3

Group 4 Catalytic Graphers

Group 5

Group 6 The Genetic Lottery

Group 7 BNA2