Displaying a countdown timer in Zoom?

  1. Robert E Furrow

    I'm teaching an online course using Zoom, and the course has synchronous meetings for students to work collaboratively on programming in R. (They can also do it asynchronously with support.)

    One tool I'm struggling to find is a simple way to set and display a countdown timer in Zoom.  For example, if I demonstrate an approach and then set the students into breakout rooms for 15 minutes to work, is there any way that they can see a timer for how much time before we come back together? Or have people jerry-rigged any good solutions to this?


    Rob Furrow

    Quantitative Biology Education Postdoc at University of California, Davis

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    1. Naupaka Bruce Zimmerman

      Hi Rob -

      Carpentries folks have mentioned using for this purpose -- e.g.


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    2. Ginger White

      Robert, I found that you can set a time for how long the breakout room is active.. If you are using the breakout rooms, this might be an option.  


      Breakout rooms close automatically after x minutes: If this option is checked, the breakout rooms will automatically end after the configured time.

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