Sarah Prescott

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    University of New Hampshire
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    @drsarahgrace on twitter. I am an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire, teaching courses in biochemistry, genomics, and general, green and organic chemistry. I have been involved with the BioQUEST/QUBES community for many years, and have a variety of interests including OER, case studies, digital pedagogy and tools, project and problem-based learning, and genomics education. I am currently working on a CURE involving Genome Solver resources in my upper level Genomics course as well as being a mentor for the BIOME20 Social Justice working group. I am excited to continue this work in my role as a mentor for the upcoming faculty mentoring network this spring.  On a personal note, I am an avid gardener and mini-farmer. I have 19 chickens, 2 rabbits, 5 dogs, 6 ducks and 2 geese. We recently built a pond for the ducks and geese (affectionately called the #ddg (duck duck gooses). Follow me on twitter for academic posts, with a good smattering of #ddg videos.